So… as most of you know, I have blue hair.

I’ve had pink, red, purple, and now I’ve tried blue, which is also fading to a turquoise-type color. I absolutely love having my hair colored. It’s fun and makes me feel more creative, which is useful for a writer.

Of course, not everyone likes the idea of blue hair, or colored hair in general. A lot of businesses outline in their handbooks that their employees must have “realistic/natural” hair colors. I’m lucky enough to have a job where that’s not true, but I still find it a struggle (especially where I live) to have colored hair.

I have literally had a woman ignore me when I asked her a question, glance down her nose at my hair, and then answer to one of my coworkers who happened to walk up who had brunette hair.

Not to mention all of the snooty looks that I get, mostly from middle aged women with bad blonde highlights, and even some men, typically around the same age.

So what’s the deal? Why don’t people appreciate wild hair, or even look down on it? From what I can gather, the biggest complaint seems to be that it’s “not professional.”

Now, I truly believe this to be mostly a generational thing. I have personally never had anyone below the age of 25 give me a disgusted look or say anything about my hair other than compliments when it’s colored. On the other hand, I’ve had an older middle aged man, while I was working in a restaurant, tell me that I would “never have a good job with hair like that.” At the time, I had bubble gum pink hair.

And, in part, he was right.

Why the stigma surrounding different hair colors? It’s seen as childish and unprofessional instead of creative and fun. Even lazy. But do you know how much upkeep colored hair is? Keeping hair like this is anything but lazy. You have to use special shampoo and conditioner, you can’t use a lot of hot water, you’re not supposed to blow dry or straighten it too much, and you have to get it re-dyed on a pretty much constant basis, especially if it’s a red or a pink.

The only reason that I believe the self-important guy who hated pink and fun was right is because of these rules that most companies have about hair color. If hair color is maintained, what’s the harm in showing creativity through your hair? I’ve seen women with bright red nails and god-awful necklaces and earrings, yet others can’t have their hair purple even if they tie it back into a ponytail? Besides, kids love colored hair. If anything, wild hair colors are inspiring creativity, not portraying laziness.

And sure, there are some who cannot maintain their hair when it’s colored, so it grows out and takes on some odd shades as it goes back to its normal color. But that’s the same as any other colored hair when it fades. Maybe it looks more “natural” with brown and blonde, but who cares? The makeup on their face isn’t any more natural than the color in their hair.

Overall, wild hair colors are wonderful and creative, and this stupid stigma surrounding people who do have hair colors like this is just that: stupid.


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