New segment!

Once a month I’ll do a Tangent Tuesday, where I’ll upload a blog post about something that bothers me, but isn’t necessarily a part of what I usually talk about on this blog.

Today, that would be our culture of obsessing over celebrities at an inhumanly ridiculous level.

In all honesty, I think most of us realize the general absurdity of the level of celebrity worship, the Kardashians and perhaps Beyonce being the most recent group to really have a dedicated following.

It is normal for people, especially teenagers, to become excited and slightly addicted to a certain television show, music group/performer, etc–but the actual impact of that needs to be seriously

It has become even more of an issue in these last few years.

The world is a mess politically, economically, socially, and every other -lly word you can come up with.

This should be a time for serious discussion among society about the course of our lives, and the generations to come. But who do we turn to instead?


Celebrities who have the ear of thousands or even millions of young, impressionable people, and who (more often than not) now use it as a platform to state their beliefs. While they may do that as much as they wish, their listeners soak it up as truth because fans revere them so much that everything they say sounds convincing.

Dedication to one person, to one stranger, makes their young fans even more impressionable and willing to parrot those opinions without actual critical thinking, and perhaps not even really understanding what the opinion is about or where it came from.

I am not saying that all celebrities have bad opinions. They are people and have varied opinions and experiences that influence them.

That being said, their experience is part of the problem.

Middle-class, upper middle-class, lower-class people all look to these celebrities with reverence, and go to them for opinions–but these celebrities live a completely different life than the rest of us.

Meryl Streep is going to have a much different experience in the Hollywood industry than a middle-class woman will have going into an accounting firm.

These are two different worlds, and to take everything celebrities say as truth simply doesn’t make sense when some of it may not apply to the rest of us, because they don’t live as we do, and aren’t affected by all the minute or even drastic changes economically and politically like we are.

We need to discuss important issues amongst oukanye1rselves, with those who share the same experience. Now, we all have different minor experiences and influences in our lives, but that’s what makes each other’s opinions valuable; because they are different, but they have the same base.
Besides, celebrities are people.

Acting and singing are jobs. Nothing more, nothing less. Entertainers are no more important than bankers. The major reason they are paid so much is that their careers overtake the majority of their lives, and so there has to be compensation for that.

But they’re just people who had the same beginning and the same ending as all of us, though their experience here is very different than ours.

This sounds like an “us vs. them” mentality, but it’s not meant to be, because I hate that mentality. I only wish that we would put more value in what our neighbors, friends, and family think rather than that of the singer you’ve never met in your life.

That’s all.

Food for thought.