Honestly, I know people have written articles about millennials, but I just can’t hold my tongue any longer.

I need to rant. I need to rant about the people I’m forced to share a generation with, the people that I’m growing up around, that I’ve gone to high school and college with.

Having to see them in person is bad enough, but millennials now swarm social media, and I’ve had enough.

First off, millennials are selfish.

How can they seriously only focus on themselves?

They’re always going out and getting jobs for themselves, and complaining when they have bad management. Other people deal with bad management, too.

Why do millennials think that they deserve better?

I mean, you flip burgers at McDonalds. You shouldn’t have any expectations from your higher ups. They’re above you, and they can do what they want, because that’s what they get paid to do.

So what if they talk down on you? They probably should, since your job is so easy that anyone can do it.


You got hired there because it was the only job available? Because you’re still in school and can’t do anything without a degree?

…whatever. You still flip burgers. Stop complaining.

Second, they have no respect whatsoever.

Never mind that they grew up in a different generation and social constructs are known to change.

They should instinctively know all the nuances of the previous generation’s societal
norms. It’s only fair that they treat older people with respect.


What do you mean older people are mean to millennials? When?

What, to service workers?

You’re saying that service workers are constantly hounded and insulted by the older generations?

Well, so what? Like I said, your job is easy. And you should respect your elders.


Millennials are also too opinionated. They need to just step back and take a moment to chill.

They are so involved in everything like politics and social issues. They have no idea what they’re talking about, and should leave it up to the other generations to decide their future for them. It’s better that way.

Last but not least, they are SO dependent on technology it’s CRAZY.



They don’t even know what BOOKS are!

I mean, they pay hundreds of dollars for college books that they probably can’t even open.

Yeah, okay, so technology advances rapidly through the ages and humans have been known to adapt to it, but there’s a line. Kids shouldn’t just be able to USE technology whenever they want! They have to go outside and get fresh air every once in a while.

That about concludes my rant about millennials.

Man, I’m sure glad I’m not like all of them.