With the latest surge of interest in Young Adult books among pop culture, judgment has also arisen about the age group, its readership, and its place among literature.

Below is a list of criticisms of Young Adult as a whole and stances against them


  1. Young Adult Novels Are Badly Written

This assumption is only based on opinion, and most likely bad experience. To assume, however, that an entire area of books are badly written because of a few bad experiences is an insult to the talented authors among those in YA. This also assumes that books in all other age groups are written well, which is far from the truth.

Among well-written Young Adult novels include the famous Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games trilogy, The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor, and many more.


2. No Young Adult Books Will Last/Become Classics

It may surprise people, but there are many classics that are considered Young Adult.

The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton, anyone? With a young protagonist and characters such as Pony and Johnny, this book is technically classified as Young Adult, and is  often required reading in high schools. Not only has this book stood the test of time, but it is considered by the literary world as an important classic.


3. Young Adult Books Prevent Readers From Branching to Different Age Genres

In one article, the author argued that Young Adult novels should not have a separate section in book stores or online stores, but mix instead with the Adult books, as they believe having separate sections discourages people from branching into different genres.

The issue with this idea is that it assumes that reading Young Adult books or Adult books and not branching out is a bad thing. Trying different age groups is certainly beneficial, but it is not necessarily a necessity for readers.

Reading, for most people, is an act of pure entertainment. If Young Adult books entertains a reader, then the books have done their job.

Many years ago, books were the only form of education. They still are a source for knowledge, but with the emergence of new technologies that can access the internet in a split second, information is that much easier to come by, which allows novelists to branch out into areas that are for entertainment purposes instead of attempting to educate the masses.

Perhaps that is an article for another day.

The point is that Young Adult is a thriving genre that is much more complicated and diverse than a lot of readers (and even non-readers) give it credit. It is difficult to defend and entire area of the literary world from itself, but encouragement needs to be given to those readers just beginning to read young adult or those who are veterans in it.

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