An open note to all those I’ve fought with for multiple reasons over the years.


First off, I’m sorry. I may not remember what we fought about, but I’m sorry we ever fought in the first place.

Second, I’m sorry I don’t remember what started the fight, but maybe it’s better that way. We can’t stay mad at each other if we can’t remember what we were mad about, right?

But mostly, I’m sorry that I never had the courage to apologize when it mattered. I’m sorry it took this long for me to mature enough to swallow my pride and apologize.

I strongly believe that the most important sign of maturity is humility. I’m trying to be a better person.

Less pride, more empathy; less anger, more understanding.

I wish you the best in life. Though you may have forgotten about our arguments, or even forgotten about me, I hope that you, also, have grown as I have. It may be a little selfish, but it makes me feel better knowing that I’ve finally gotten this weight off my chest, even though you might never see this.

I’m sorry for whatever I did. If I ever belittled you, angered you, or humiliated you–even unknowingly–I apologize. I hope that, in the future, the next person who inevitably does so (because people are predictable like that) has more courage than I did, and apologizes face to face when it really matters.


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