Tips on how to mask yourself as an author and allow the readers to immerse themselves fully in the story. An addition to last week’s post on The Important of Invisibility.

  • Flawed and Diverse Characters. Have characters from diverse backgrounds with several different traits and personality flaws. This way, if they’re all written with equal care and written well, the reader won’t be able to tell what race, gender, or background the author is unless they’ve researched beforehand. This also allows a broader range of readers to connect with the story.
  • Consistent Style. One of the most important things for an author to do is to develop their own writing style, and to keep it consistent. This is what hooks the reader and keeps them reading. As soon as the reader adjusts to the writing style, it falls from their mind and they can focus on the story. If the style continues to change, it will distract the reader and can lead to them setting the book aside permanently.
  • Unpredictable Plot. Conceal the strings tying the plot together until the last possible moment. This is easier said than done, but if you have a suspicion that the readers will be able to guess the upcoming twists or plot points, do the opposite of what the reader expects, or otherwise provide less details along the way.
  • Unique Villains. If every villain in the story is a catty girl with dark hair, it’s obvious what kind of person the author doesn’t like. Create diverse villains, and also give the protagonists different flaws that mirror the villain, so that there is some connection there and the villain isn’t simply that– a cardboard copy “evil person”.

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