1. WRITE MORE. No matter how much you wrote last year, always aspire to write more!
  2. Build a Platform/Readership. Even if you have thousands of fans on Twitter, you can always focus even more on your fanbase. Connect to more people, create a Facebook Page for yourself, etc. And make fans you already have feel more appreciated.
  3. Read More. Broaden your readership. Read things you normally wouldn’t read. Have a taste from different walks of life.
  4. Finish More Projects. Don’t just start them; finish them!
  5. Submit More! Branching off of #4, once you’re done polishing and perfecting your projects, submit, submit, submit! You submitted 40 poems last year? Make this year’s goal 50. Keep pushing yourself.
  6. Broaden Horizons. Try writing something in a different genre than your normal genre. Try writing short stories though you usually write novels, or vice versa. Switch it up a little.
  7. Connect to More Writers. You can never have too many connections. Connect on Twitter, through friends, through a blog, go to a convention, etc. Make new writer friends!

Have any more? Add a comment to let me know what’s going to be on your New Years’ Resolution List for 2016!