Sorry I’ve been absent! I was sick for the longest time, but I’m on the mend now, so hopefully I’ll be more proactive with posts 🙂 For now here’s an update for this month:

  1. I now have a booktube! Feel free to subscribe! I’ll be talking books, movies, and occasional rants.
  2. Trust Me: Chapter 14 is out now! The story is getting heated! Head on over to my tumblr for some Exclusive (free) Tumblr excerpts! If you can’t afford a subscription right now, a simply favorite would mean the world to me ❤
  3. I’m NaNo-ing! Buddy me! I’ll be working on an Adult Fantasy novel for the first time (since I usually write Young Adult). Feel free to message me so we can motivate each other/cry together (same thing)
  4. I’m still offering my editing services for just $5, so if you need quality editing for your novel, short story, or other work, I’ve got you covered!

Yep, I think that’s about it…

Thanks for tuning in! More posts (mostly surrounding NaNoWriMo) to follow soon.

-M. H. Knecht