My Demon

There’s a demon following me

It walks in my shadow

And waits ’til I sleep

There’s a demon following me

It seeps into my mind

And takes my soul by the piece

There’s a demon following me

It nibbles my soul from my head to my feet

It drains my energy

It rattles my teeth

So that when I wake

And look in the mirror,

The person I see is no longer me

There’s a demon following me

Invisible at first glance,

But if you look closer, maybe,

Deep into my eyes you will see

A glimmer of the demon following me

It hides, it stalks, it talks

Whispering vicious words to my mind

Poisoning my voice, the conversation balks

All words except Its’ are impossible to find

Like a leech it feeds

On my thoughts and my soul

While I lay helpless, it commits heinous deeds

So that by the end, I am no longer whole

Even the poems

Which I never struggled to write

Reject the rhythm and rhyme I charge them

My thoughts are all scrambled

The eggs of the mind?

The fruit of my labor?

How can it be–

Save her!

Save her!


There is a demon following me

At once we were two, separate as can be

I was a different person back then

Now we’re the same—

Who am I again?



-Madelyn Knecht